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BTW 06/25 /2019 I was shown a photo of the Back Ranch taken in June 1969 and low and behold was the upper log structure over the front .as I remembered it. It was two large telephone pole logs crossed like an X or V in the front. It was hard to describe because it was unusual architecture. If you can find a movie called Linda and Abilene supposedly used the front exterior and back creek/bridge in the film.I am bringing the guns/photos plus a leather holster in German leather bought from Frank Retz in 1970. It's stamped in German Calvary marks. We want to attend Tarantino's movie. BelongedtoGeorge Spahn. I purchased through Ruby Pearl in March 1969 at Spahn. Open to offers. I have other Spahn Ranch items like US Mail and a parcel mailed from San Gabriel to George Spahn containing a Haig plastic shooting replica of the Buntline revolver used in the Manson Family murders. Parcel is US Post Office meter dated Dec 10,1969 I was told it was a bad joke sent to George.I lived about a mile West of the Spahn Ranch. I also used the Corral payphone in those days of 8 party lines. I have photo of me and Juan Flynn in front of Red and White camper.with Santa Susana Pass Rd behind the camper. The movie set buildings are behind the photographer.  I will provide copy if you purchase gun.  Ranch burned in Sept 1970. I have been asked about the guns.This 32 was used to train and acclimate movie horses to gunshots and gunsmoke.Black powder blanks in 22 rf,32 cf,32 rf,38 cf which are included were used.George also used a 38 sw Victor(H&R ?) 5 round revolver with blanks as well. I still have a receipt from an Archery gun store in El Monte in 1969 for real ammo.These guns are in excellent shape. The fire in 1970 destroyed all the western movie props behind the Western movie set. You must remember George was blind and the income to feed the horses came from the weekend trail riders.Juan Flynn said the ranch hands received meals and bunk plus a pack of smokes per day to take c
Price: $1,500.00
Listing ID: 873
Market For Sale
Shipping Info No Shipping
Seller Type Private Seller
Firearm Type revolver
Action double-action
Caliber 32 S&W
Manufacturer H&R

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