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Five muskets for sale. They are all like new, with very minor asthetic wear, all have their bayonets and scabbards. They are .60 caliber and take 60 grains of FFg powder, and use a caplock system of ignition. These are wonderful replicas for the novice or experienced shooter, and the wood has been specially chosen to be as striking as possible. Shipping is $30. If you wish to order more than one firearm, shipping is cut down dramatically, but please remember, muskets are long, heavy, and awkward to ship. I make no profit on shipping, unlike other sellers, and if shipping is lower than expected, I will refund the difference. This site will not allow me to add photos for whatever reason. I have photos of products ready, feel free to email me and inquire. Also please note, the bayonets are included, but will require machining to fit properly. It should not take a machine shop more than 10 minutes to accomplish this task, but I believe in being open and upfront about what I'm selling.
Price: $475.00
Listing ID: 666
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  • $30.00

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