About Us - Security Information

First off let me say Welcome.
You will notice that firearmads.com entire site is locked down with a SSL. (Secure Socket Layer) Now most people have no clue what all this means and that is fine. To us programmers though it means BIG TIME security. Let's say your in a coffee shop surfing the internet and the site is not lock it does not have the https notice the S the person next to you can actually see what your looking at. Now your thinking WOW! This is the reason we spend the extra money to lock the whole site down. Not only do we SSL the whole site but we make sure the server itself reads A+ on the SSL Check out our rating if you like you can check any web site you like if they have the SSL the lock on the site. Scan Any Site With Https

Facebook, Craigslist, Ebay do not allow users to sell guns since March 5, 2014 Check this out. On Another note why anyone would even be on facebook makes me scratch my head. There is no privacy at all and yet people still choose to use it. You will notice firearmads.com does not and will not ever have a facebook account. Sure it would help boost us in search engines but at the stake of our users privacy sorry just not worth my time.

firearmads.com took a long time to program this is not a word press site or cookie cutter web site. Just the search engine optimization I have put into this is amazing. I program in many languages. Each category and each region allows me to customized my search keywords. With out getting all technical it basically rolls out as more people seeing your ads and making you money.

firearmads.com is not some big rich corporation either. I am 1 man with a wife and 3 kids and this is what I do. You will not see me making videos on big booby women just to attract traffic. This is just disrespectful to women. If you see any ads that do not look right then look for a report button and let me know. I will check it out. Rest assured if the poster is up to no good they will be banned quickly. I also having a banning system I wrote myself and it does not just ban the IP. I also have a phone number verification system I also wrote myself. Right now it asks folks to volunteer into the program to verify them but in time it will be mandatory. Again to get rid of the scammers out there.

Now you will find I do not have the greatest grammar I am sure this has a ton of mistakes I am a programmer by trade everything I do is numbers and short form. I am not no english teacher. So if you want to be on a web site that takes personal security very very serious then your in the right place. Post your ads for free and if your so wish to feature your ad with any of our upgrades that would be GREAT! it will help with paying the $350.00 server bill we receive each month. firearmads.com can handle alot of traffic and you will notice it is lightning fast.

If you ever have any questions at all please do not hesitate it given me a yell. I also build websites for others for a living. So if you have a web site and would like some help or for me to check it out give me a yell. Email The Webmaster We also offer affordable advertising it really depends where you wish to be that determines the cost.